Shock Stop

This premium virgin rubber product made from the same material found in many types of running shoes greatly reduces concussion forces, minimizes compaction, and facilitates drainage

Arena Grips

A mixture of granular rubbers with some fibers attached. It serves to reduce compaction, improve cush, and provides for water retention.

Pay Dirt™

A fine angulated granulated rubber suited for use in slick, heavy clay footings. It can prevent compaction and reduce slickness.


This family of granular rubber products will reduce compaction, increase cush, minimize maintenance, and optimize toe penetration. It can be custom sized to match your particular arena sand.


A flat highly flexible rubber used to provide cush, compaction reduction and stability. This product also comes in a "natural" semi-granulated form.

RX Prime™

This light gray rubber product is designed to easily blend with you sand and provides both stability and concussion reduction

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