Our Carbon Footprint

We all have a "carbon footprint," the total carbon dioxide emissions we create when we drive, fly, use electricity or produce and transport goods. Footings Unlimited is committed to both reducing and offsetting
its carbon emissions.

The carbon dioxide emissions produced by the trucks delivering your footing to
you will be offset through
our participation in the
Terra Pass Project.

Terra Pass funds clean energy and carbon reduction projects across the United States, such as wind farms and landfill
gas capture projects. These projects result in measurable, verified reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Accountability is their highest priority. All of their projects meet appropriate industry standards and undergo independent verification.
Terra Pass itself is audited
by the Center for Resources Solutions to ensure the integrity of it's products and marketing claims.

Every Terra Pass member has taken a simple positive step to fight global warming. Every Terra Pass purchase is a vote for innovation, efficiency, and clean energy. Together, we have eliminated over 600 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Footings Unlimited is committed to protecting the environment, preserving the health
and safety of our employees and communities, and assuring the safe operations of our processes.

We consider Sustainable Development as an economic, social, and environmental prerequisite for continued commercial success. Since it's founding in 1983 Footings Unlimited has successfully recycled over 400 million pounds of pre consumer
industrial materials.

In the day to day operation of it's business Footings Unlimited adheres to a
strong vision that ensures:

  • We comply with all applicable laws and regulations in each country in which we do business.
  • We use good science to define and manage all significant risks arising from our activities or our products.
  • We produce and sell only products that can be manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed of safely and we maintain strong chain of custody control on all of our products.
  • We design and operate our facilities to provide our employees with a safe workplace and to minimize the potential for any adverse impacts on health and the environment.
  • Each employee is accountable for safe work practices and responsible environmental conduct.
  • We only do business with contractors who perform their services in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • We require our contractors to comply with applicable Footings Unlimited environmental, health, and safety standards.
  • We openly communicate our environmental, health, and safety performance with all internal and external stakeholders.